All Cleaned Up

All Cleaned Up

 So this is a blog about collections and collecting and collectors, except for this particular article, which is going to be about home maintenance.

I know, it doesn’t relate but it’s just what I’m thinking about right now.

I had decided that the outside of my house was looking like it needed freshening up. I mean, top to bottom. The roof (I have orange clay tile) had gotten streaked with black mold, my gutters were all green, I had some mold growing on the side of the house, and the driveway and sidewalk were pretty black.

pool-deckOh, and the pool deck out back looked pretty bad. Moldy. And my pool furniture was green, too.

At first I thought I needed to maybe get the house repainted. Then I thought I’d just try a good deep clean from top to bottom and stem to stern, and then I’d see what the situation was after that.

I got online and looked for central Florida pressure washing companies and also central Florida power washing companies in the local area. I found several and called them all. Some of them sounded pretty rinky dink and I could imagine them showing up with a Home Depot pressure washer and wanding everything and taking a week.

One I talked to said they could do the whole thing, roof and all, in a day, and it would cost $2500. After I picked myself up off the floor, I said, no thanks, that’s a little outside my price range.

Then I found an outfit called Appearance Pressure Washing Saint Cloud. Those guys said they’d come out later that afternoon and look over everything and give me an on-site quote followed up by an emailed written quote. Sounded professional and like they knew what they were talking about.

So the guy came out. He said they do roof cleaning central florida as well as pressure washing central florida and power washing central florida.

roof-cleaningFor the roof cleaning, he described their low pressure roof cleaning process and said that some people call it soft wash roof cleaning. And some people call it chemical roof cleaning.

He said his company does low pressure house washing as well. This is a system where a diluted chemical mix is used to get rid of mold and insect residue and environmental pollutants. And it’s way better for the surface of the house than just blasting it with 3500 psi of water.

For the pool deck cleaning and screen enclosure cleaning, he said he sometimes uses a surface cleaner on it, but that can mess up the paint, so more often now he uses the same house wash mix, and that gets the decking clean. He can use the same mix on all the furniture, including the umbrellas, and it’ll get everything clean.

For the sidewalk cleaning and driveway pressure washing, he said he pre-treats with a chemical mix and then power washes or pressure washes it. He said he could get up all the mold, even the dark spots.

He sounded like he totally knew what he was talking about, and then when he quoted me $1000 for the whole thing, including the roof, I said, Great, when can you do it?

He came three days later and did the whole thing and it’s perfect. I’m a happy man.

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